Building a bike


Found in a dusty dark corner of 2nd Cycles ( Tacoma, WA) where I like to spend my days tinkering on bikes and helping people fix their squeaky brakes. The brightly painted, excessively scratched, and generally abused Novara Aspen frame called to me in the mid summer of 2011. So I answered by throwing parts at it one afternoon, in the hopes that I could take it the following day, on a recently scheduled short tour to Port Townsend. The above picture is the result of that Rainier beer driven afternoon.


So, with all the gear I could scrounge together…. I set off. Take notice of the bucket panniers.



After surprising me with countless miles achieved on that old touring setup, I decided the Aspen was due for some upgrades. New tires, bar wrap, rack, pedals, new/old deore crank, and tektro canti brakes did the trick just fine. But most importantly… New hand built wheels with deore Lx hubs. Courtesy of Chris at Defiance Cycles in Tacoma.


Tektro levers, a new/old saddle bag, and of course the Brooks B17 make things a little better.


2.30 Krad’s by kenda get things rolling offroad. Also, new Salsa bars make everything feel as they should in the cockpit. With minimal clearance after installing the Krads and a new set of tektro V brakes for increased breaking power, there was no room for conventional fenders. so I made one out of a medical marijuana road sign (thanks roomie).


As I have come to understand it, the Aspen is an ever evolving animal. It must continue to do so, and it is my duty to not only assist in this evolution, but to navigate this ever-changing ride with reckless abandon and with hope that an end is nowhere in sight.


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